Campaign Insights, Simply.

LaborSight is an add-on to VAN designed specifically for the data needs of unions during organizing campaigns. Store data in your own custom fields. Create reports without getting your data department involved. All with as few clicks as possible.

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Add New Data Fields

Campaigns evolve and your database should too.

Store job title, department, work area, shift, and more, each in its own field. Take long notes and don't worry about them being cut off. Want to add your own fields? No problem!

Add custom fields like Department, Work Start Date, and long-form Notes to your person data.

Run Sophisticated Queries

... without emailing your data person.

"How many workers have we talked to?"

"... in each department?"

"... and how does each department break down by rating?"

Now you know.

(And you can save your queries, too.)

Create sublists and get stats on groups.